NCCTMA Refund Policy


Our NCCTMA Policy is provided to give customers and users a clear understanding of fees and payments made to this service. Any user of the NCCTMA internet services must read, acknowledge and comply with the Terms of Use set forth below. Use of NCCTMA Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to all policies and Terms of Service.

Non-Refundable Service: Once a course or service has been selected and paid for from this NCCTMA site, there WILL BE NO REFUNDS REGARDLESS. Please choose course material wisely as our policy does not allow for refunds under any circumstance. This policy has been established due to the fact that the credit card processing fees associated with payment processing are very costly. Additionally, since most courses are offered at a very low rate, a refund would result in a net loss to NCCTMA . Acceptance of the service constitutes a full and complete understanding of this non-refundable policy. Thank you for your understanding of NCCTMA's inability to issue refunds.


NCCTMA strives to provide its customers with the highest quality Internet service available and at the same time respect the standards that have been created within the Internet community. To that end, NCCTMA maintains that certain activities as described below constitute inappropriate and/or abusive conduct and will not be tolerated.

We support the uncensored flow of information and ideas over the Internet and do not actively monitor subscriber activity under normal circumstances. Similarly, we do not exercise editorial control over the content of any web site, e-mail transmission, newsgroups, or other material created or accessible over or through the services, except for certain proprietary Web sites.

However, in accordance with our Terms of Service, we may remove any materials that, in our sole discretion, may be illegal, may subject us to liability, or which may violate this NCCTMA Policy. NCCTMA may cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties in the investigation of any suspected or alleged crime or civil wrongdoing. Your violation of this NCCTMA Policy may result in the suspension or immediate termination of either your NCCTMA account or other actions as detailed in these NCCTMA terms of use WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.


The following constitute some specific violations of this NCCTMA Policy but are not limited to these listed violations. Again, NCCTMA reserves the right and maintains sole discretion over any determination regarding violations:

E-mail: Any abusive, controversial or inappropriate electronic transmission, originating or passing through the NCCTMA service is in violation of NCCTMA's Policy. Violators will result in mail services being suspended and/or the immediate termination of the offending NCCTMA membership. Fraud: Any form of User participation in a knowing misrepresentation or misleading statement, writing or activity made with the intent that the person receiving it will act upon it constitutes FRAUD.

Controversial Content: The World Wide Web and chat areas in this program are electronic virtual communities, which do not censor the content delivered and/or communicated thru their forums. However, if any controversial content is discovered by the Administrator, saidl content will be immediately removed without permission of user, as well as, user termination.

In some instances and in sole discretion, NCCTMA may issue written or verbal warnings and suspend then terminate the member. NCCTMA may also bring legal action to enjoin violations and/or to collect damages, if any, cause by user violations.


NCCTMA CAEonline ("The Company") agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following Terms of Service. Use of NCCTMA Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to all NCCTMA's policies, as well as, NCCTMA's Terms of Service. All provisions of membership are subject to the UTS (NCCTMA Terms of Service) of NCCTMA's Policy. These terms and conditions of usuage may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company. Subscriber understands that any changes to the NCCTMA Policy by the Company shall not be grounds for termination or non-payment. This Agreement shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas, county of Dallas applicable to any law enforceable in that state.

Disclosure to law enforcement: The NCCTMA Policy specifically prohibits the use of our service for illegal activities. Therefore, Subscriber agrees that the Company may disclose any and all subscriber information including assigned IP numbers, account history, account use, etc. to any law enforcement agent who makes a written request without further consent or notification to the Subscriber.

Controversial Content: Your connection to the Internet is private and as a result we cannot control the nature of the material that you may encounter at some point. The World Wide Web and chat areas are electronic virtual communities, which do not censor the content delivered and/or communicated thru their forums. With the use of your account on the Internet, you will have access to and you will at some time or another be exposed to "free Speech" that you may find offensive. "Free Speech" may include sexually explicit pictures and/or documents, pro-religious and anti-religious debate, racially offensive speech, and may other possibly graphic and/or offensive documents, pictures, etc. Everyone Internet, Inc. Expressly disclaims liability for any harm resulting from encountering such or similar material.

Refunds and Disputes: All payments to NCCTMA are non-refundable. This includes the any charges regardless of usage.

Subscriber acknowledges that the service provided is of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the company and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, subscriber agrees that the company shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the company. Subscriber further acknowledges that the company's liability for its own negligence may not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to charges payable by subscriber for services during the period damages occurred. In no event shall the company be liable for any special or consequential damages, loss or injury.

Breach of Provision: A waiver by the Company of any breach of any provision of this Agreement by Subscriber shall not operate as or be construed as a continuing or subsequent waiver thereof or as a waiver of any breach of any other provision thereof.

Company reserves right to cancel membership rights under these terms of use at anytime without further obligation.


NCCTMA reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify NCCTMA's policies or Terms of Service and/or any other related registration or membership agreement at any time and in any manner. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted in accordance with our Terms of Service. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us.